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Check out the XPR Contactless solutions that protects  your health and all those around you

Posted March 24, 2022 Solutions

Check out the XPR Contactless solutions that protects your health and all those around you

XPR always do their best to provide solutions for your security and safety, which also includes your health and all those around you. Especially during those challenging times, we now know more than ever the importance of protecting our health against the spread of germs, bacteria or viruses. This is one of the reasons why we offer our clients a wide range of contactless solutions.











Nevertheless, these solutions are not only beneficial for the touchless function in terms of hygiene and health, they are also extremely efficient and helpful for the day-to-day challenges of mobility requirements (use of wheelchairs, disabilities, injuries…) as they provide the same or better security than other technologies and, needless to say, its comfort is also a big plus in comparison to other solutions that require other elements, for example, conventional keys or fingerprints.

XPR Contactless solutions:


This is one of our most recent successful systems. Composed of two standalone keypads in black or silver ABS:

· MTPADP-BT-EH-SA: Bluetooth Keypad with built-in RFID

· B100P-BT-EH-SA: Bluetooth Biometric reader with built-in RFID

To program and use the system, we have developed 2 different apps/software, completely free of charge and compatible with any platform:

· XPR Smart Access: provides the users the possibility to open and close the doors from a distance by clicking and swiping the Apps (up to 10m).
· XPR Smart Admin: provides the administrators the possibility to manage, program and update the readers, set-up user configurations, create access levels, download events and obtain reports among many other functions.




IR Technology
The XPR request to exit MTT is one of our most popular devices and accessories. We have just launched the MTT-IR, designed specifically to reduce the situations when a user normally needs to be physically in contact with a device. The infrared technology allows the relay activation by hand waving in front of the device from an adjustable distance (up to 6cm) by just hand waving. It is also available in black or silver ABS housing and has an integrated buzzer and a status LED.


The radio devices are part of the ONLine solution and are composed of:

· TX transmitters: 868 MHz transmitters with a signal range of up to 100 m in open space, providing APS and security code-changing systems.

· RX4W: Radio receiver with multi-protocol interface and 4 Wiegand outputs to work with our EWS controllers. It allows to activate remotely the access control of your parking gate, sliding doors, etc., as you approach the facilities.




In all our main XPR systems (Standalone, OFFLine, Webserver and ONLine) we offer different RFID readers as follows:

EM RFID readers:

· VPROX2-M: The XPR vandal-resistant EM RFID reader, suitable for hostile environments.

· MINI-SA2: The economic standalone EM RFID reader in black ABS.

Mifare and EH RFID readers:

· DIN range: This range is popular for its elegance and adaptability in all kinds of installations/areas.

· MINI range: Probably the widest range of RFID readers, they are available in silver and black colours by default, and they have a large LED for status for access granted/denied/idle.

· XPR 2.0 range: The latest XPR readers that belong to our ONLine system. They are designed to offer more possibilities with fewer references (different communication protocols and technologies) and be future-proof (they can be upgradable to the customer’s needs).

Capacity and attendance control
The MT-LCD display provides different information for time and attendance application, used in combination with our ONLine readers and controllers. The counter code is extremely helpful to protect our health, as it can detect the number of users inside a defined area, so it helps to maintain social distances.


We have created a new catalogue offering complete information of all our contactless solutions:

Discover the new XPR Contactless solutions catalogue


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