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Discover how to connect your Bluetooth readers to a Wiegand controller system

Posted November 16, 2021 Solutions

Discover how to connect your Bluetooth readers to a Wiegand controller system

The XPR Standalone Bluetooth readers provide features even in standalone and one of them is the ability to connect to different online controllers. This means that these devices, even though they are standalone, can work with network controllers and within a more complete system.

You can connect it to third-party or XPR controllers, for example the EWS or WS4 controllers. These EWS controllers are 2 door access control units that are part of the XPR ONLine solution. This is our most complete system able to integrate T&A solutions, CCTV, fire, creation of automated scenarios…and many others. It can work with very different reader technologies and it provides many possibilities.

As part of the WS4 system, it is also possible to connect the readers to WS4 controllers (1 door, 2 doors or 4 door controllers). The Webserver system allows you to control everything through the internet, without any dedicated software, thanks to our free of charge interface.

A great feature is the possibility to program the B100P-BT-EH-SA biometric reader and fingerprint enrolment process through the programming App without having to connect some RS485 adapter and an additional enrolment software and desktop unit.
You can just connect the Wiegand output to the controller used and will receive notification of action in the events of the system with the user ID.



How to connect it?

The integration of the Bluetooth readers to the EWSi or WS4 couldn’t be easier. Taking into consideration what type of readers is used, card and fingerprints (B100P-BT-EH-SA) or card and PIN code (MTPADP-BT-EH-SA) the following steps are needed:

1) Connect the reader directly to the controller using the Wiegand wires (in the case of WS4 controller, via the converter WS4-CNV).

2) Set the reader in the XPR Smart Admin software to receive Wiegand from the card/fingerprint or the card/PIN code.

3) Create users in the XPR Smart Admin with Card ID/fingerprint or Card ID/PIN code. The Wiegand number sent from the reader to the controller will be the user card ID.

4) In the PROS CS software or WS4 interface create a user with the same card ID than the one in the XPR Smart Admin software. For the same user, create a second card with same card ID than the PIN code (MTPADP-BT-EH-SA) or the fingerprint ID (B100P-BT-EH-SA) in the XPR Smart Admin software.



The process is finished and you can now enjoy the Bluetooth readers integration to the system!


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