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Discover the first Webserver reader that works with biometry and RFID technology!

Posted July 2, 2020 Solutions

Discover the first Webserver reader that works with biometry and RFID technology!

We are very happy to launch our new B100P-RS-EH innovative reader. Compatible only with our WS4 system, this our first device including biometry and RFID technology in a single design housing reader.

This reader offers double technology – via fingerprint and via card – in a designed compact size. Fitted with RS-485 output only allowing bidirectional communication between the reader and the WS4 controllers for a complete technical supervision of the system and also reducing the number of wires (4) needed for the installation.


The reader is fitted with the large XPR standard rectangular LED:


This IP65 rated reader is suitable for either outside and inside installation. Made in ruggedized black ABS, with a design which combines discretion and elegance, the B100P-RS-EH will be a great addition to any decor, environment or building design.



Our WS4 interface has been improved in order to provide better biometry integration. Setting up the biometric readers on the WS4 is very easy and the fingerprint enrolment process is visualised with help of the clear hands diagram.

When a fingerprint is enrolled correctly onto the reader, the fingertip appears in green on the hand drawing interface. The remaining blue ones have not been enrolled yet so available – if necessary – once you select the fingerprint to enrol, you just need to choose the reader and click on “enrol this finger”. You can also see on bottom left the remaining templates memory available on the reader (100 max).


Click here to know everything about the reader B100P-RS-EH.


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