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XPR Smart Access

XPR Smart Access

Bluetooth® XPR app and software for users

The XPR Smart Access app and Software for our standalone Bluetooth readers allow to manage the access by opening and closing the doors from a distance (max: 10m). The user app and software have been designed to allow the access through the Bluetooth communication.

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XPR Smart Access



This user-friendly app and software provide many features, as for example different login options (to provide extra security), hold the door open (so the user doesn't need to open it everytime a person comes in) or close the door (even if the "hold open" option has been selected beforehand).

Compatible with different devices

The XPR Smart Access App is compatible with iOS, Android and OS downloadable from the App Store platfoms. The XPR Smart Admin software is Windows based and can be dowloaded directly from our website. Both interfaces are free of charge.

Different opening modes

Depending on the app or software interface used, there are different opening modes:

- Windows software: click mode
Click to open (door 1 or 2), hold open and close.

- Android app: swipe mode
Swipe to open (door 1 or 2), hold open and close.

- iOS app: swipe, shake and voice mode
Swipe to open (door 1 or 2), hold open and close.
Shake to open door 1.
Voice mode to open door 1, door 2 or door 1 & 2.


Compatibility: iOS, Android, OS (app) and Windows (software).
Configuration and use technology: Bluetooth®
Multilingual: EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, DE, PT
Download: App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) and XPR website (Windows software).
Complementary software: XPR Smart Admin (for administrators)
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Download XPR Smart Access Data sheet - EN
  • Download XPR Smart Access: Software (Windows)
  • Download XPR Smart Access: App (iOS and OS)
  • Download XPR Smart Access: App (Android)