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XPR Smart Admin

XPR Smart Admin

Bluetooth XPR Bluetooth® software for administrator

The XPR Smart Admin software for our standalone Bluetooth readers allows to program and update the readers, manage users and their access rights and download events and edit reports.

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XPR Smart Admin



This software allows you to manage the users configuration, as adding cards ID, PIN codes and fingerprints. Also, you can manage the weekly and hourly access rights for each user and per reader.

Report Generation

Obtain reports after downloading the events from the readers. The reports can be exported to PDF or XLS and filtered by time, type of events, users and readers.

Windows based

The XPR Smart Admin software is Windows based. The interface is free of chage and can be downloaded directly from our website.


Number of sites: Unlimited
Number of Readers: Unlimited
Number of Users: 100 per site
Number of Access Levels: Unlimited
Fingerprint Management: Integrated
Fingerprints per user: 10 (max. 100 fingerprints per user)
Download events from reader to database: Yes
Offline Events Report: Yes, with filter for date, time, reader, user, event type
Online Events Report: No
Export reports: PDF or Excel
Firmware update: Yes, via Bluetooth®
Card type selection: EM or HID Prox TM
Read properties from reader: Yes
Backlight management: Yes, ON/OFF
Buzzer management: Yes, ON/OFF
Wiegand output: 24, 26, 32, 34, 56, 58 bit
Enroll cards or fingerprints: from USB Desktop reader
Holidays: 24
Remote Relay operation: Manageable, from PC or from mobile device
Automatic relay openings: 2, per weekday/holiday
Supported Entry modes: Card, Finger, PIN code
Configuration and users data storage: In the PC, MS Access database
Multilingual: EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, DE, PT
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Download XPR Smart Admin data sheet - EN
  • Download XPR Smart Admin: Software (Windows)