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XPR Offline Solution

Posted August 31, 2017 Soluzioni

XPR Offline Solution

How can I install a cost-effective access control system in my company?

Companies are usually confronted to all different types of daily problems like the lack of access management for their employees, bad organization establishing permits for accessing different areas or even the disappearance of products in the inventory, etc. To take care of these issues, XPR proposes an easy-to-install and cost-effective access off-line system, ideal for those small installations that require little wiring work.


A solution that does not need controllers…

Or any IP/RS485 network between the different accesses (including those located in remote sites). Each card reader is a mini standalone controller belonging to a system (up to 80 accesses/doors per installation). The access rights of each user are stored in their cards. A free multi-site software (PROA-MS) allows to configure the different access levels, the user rights, and to edit reports. You will need only:

  1. one or several Mifare proximity readers (MTPX-MF-SA),
  2. the multiple-site access management software (PROA-MS),
  3. Mifare Classic keyfobs or cards, a USB desktop reader for card enrolment (PROX-USB),
  4. and an optional exit push button with a built-in remote relay unit (RTT or RU2) if higher security is needed.

Perfect for sites where an Online solution cannot be used

The XPR Offline Solution is perfect for sites where an Online solution cannot be used, like in isolated sites, or when a network system is simply not needed. The installation is much easier as there is no need of connecting different elements to any remote relay unit. Everything can be done in the same place. It is also a complete user-friendly and competitive access control solution. Ideal for small companies, business centres, fitness centres, storage buildings, store chains, apartment buildings, residential areas, etc.


How can the XPR Smart Mifare reader be programmed?

The configuration of the reader can be done by its built-in micro-USB port or by programming cards. The users cards configuration is completed via software and the PROX-USB desktop reader. The access rights of each user are registered directly into their corresponding card. You can also create events cards to download up to 3500 events per reader and black list cards to disable non-returned/stolen cards.

All under control

Here is a list of reasons of why you will rest assured that everything is under control:

  1. User identification by Mifare card.
  2. Creation of a personal access profile for each user/group, defining who enters, when and where.
  3. Access restrictions depending on time, holiday periods, public holidays…
  4. Recovery of events history about users, doors, etc. and reports edition.
  5. Removal of lost or non-returned cards so they cannot longer be used.
  6. Visitors management with limited time access cards.


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