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Mifare handle

The AL500-MF is a Smart MIFARE handle with micro-USB. Ideal for different hotel and access solutions, as it is very simple and easy to use.


It makes possible to provide access to a given number of users and block off immediately the access whenever is required without having to change the previous door lock.


Ideal for giving access to restricted areas like meeting and store rooms, kitchen, cleaning rooms, administrative rooms, etc. 



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Easy to install

No wiring connections required. It can be installed without having to change the previous door lock.

Micro-USB integrated for easy programming and configuration.

Optional escutcheon

You can cover the previous key lock that was on the door with this optional escutcheon that matches the AL500-MF style. This way you can maintain two options of access available: to use a key or a Mifare card whenever is more convenient.

Escutcheon reference: AL500-R

Anti-panic optional lock

We offer an optional mechanical lock to use with the AL500-MF to prevent blockages in case of emergencies.
This lock has an emergency/anti-panic function with double nut and anti-card device against intruders.
It is also fire resistant and endures continuous openings and closings.

The AL500-L is optional but strongly recommended to ensure a complete and efficient installation

Anti-panic lock reference: AL500-L


Mounting: Surface - on door
Housing: Moulded aluminium
Colours: Brushed stainless steel cover / gold under request
Technology: Lock + RFID reader with built-in micro-USB
Reader type: Mifare R/W
Card type: Mifare Classic 1K, 4K - card information encrypted
Read range: up to 2 cm
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Users: Unlimited
Events capacity: up to 3,000 events in memory lock
Black list capacity: 500 badges
Lock release time: 1-255 sec. or Toggle (ON/OFF) mode
Fire Resistant: Tested according to EN1634-1:2010, with a single wooden door
Protection: Automatic battery low warning
Emergency opening with mechanical key via cylinder with the AL500-L
Visible signals: Door status indicated on the reader with red and green LED (access granted/denied)
Power supply: Battery CR-P2, 6V Lithium model
Opening cycles: Up to 60,000
Software support: PROH-MS, PROA-MS
Configuration: Via micro-USB port or with programming cards
Events recovery: Via micro-USB or with recovery card
Firmware upgrade: With USB
Credit on card: Yes
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions (L x W): 19.3 x 4.22 cm
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC
Operating Humidity: up to 95% without condensation
AL500-MF-R: Mifare handle - Right handle
AL500-MF-L: Mifare handle - Left handle
AL500-L: Anti-panic lock for the AL500-MF
AL500-R: Optional escutcheon for the AL500-MF
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


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