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Cylinder Bodies

The PXP-CY mechanical double cylinder body is made to accept electronic Mifare knobs and mechanical knobs.

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Different length

Modular design and thickness from 26/26 mm to 200/200 mm in steps. You can adapt the body to the door thickness. The reference of the cylinder is PXP-CY-x/y (being "x" and "y" on each length side).

PXP range versatility

The versatility of the body allows different flexible configurations. It is possible to retrofit from a mechanical standard key to an electronic access control system on both sides.

Assembly options:
1) Half cylinder with Mifare knob
2) Cylinder with Mifare knob and mechanical knob
3) Cylinder with two Mifare knobs


Mounting location: Indoor and outdoor application (The weather conditions and temperatures must be verified for outdoor applications)
Lengths: - Outside: 26 mm, 30 to 200 mm in 5 mm steps
- Inside: 26 mm, 30 to 200 mm in 5 mm steps
- Special: from 75 mm per side upon request
Norm: Cylinder dimensions for Euro profile locks according to DIN 18252.

References overview

Note: The cylinder body is reversible, which means that the reference 26/30 is the same as 30/26.