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PROS CS 5.2, now with support for the Radio Range and more features

Posted July 29, 2019 News

PROS CS 5.2, now with support for the Radio Range and more features

The new version of our Access Control software, the PROS CS 5.2, introduces new features to support the new Radio Range products (the RX4W radio receiver and the TX radio transmitters).

The PROS CS 5.2 includes also improvements for managing the events and access options per door, with more options to create and check new reports. It gives the option to create a backup and restore the system by simply clicking on a new integrated button.

Finally, all the PROS CS functions can be accessible online by requesting a licensing file instead of a USB dongle, although this other option will still remain available in case it is needed.

List of Improvements

1. New rolling code receiver support (*)

We have improved the PROS CS software to support the rolling code system of our Radio Range products. This will ensure that the system can generate automatically new codes any time is requested, guaranteeing high security standards.

2. Added controller counter support (*)

The PROS CS 5.2 is able to count how many users are present at the same time in the same room or area controlled. This can be helpful for many different scenarios, e.g.:

3. New Authorizations per door Report

We have included the option to generate an Authorizations per door report, which can be created from the User´s report area. With this function it will be very easy to extract a complete list of all the users that have permission to use a particular door.

4. Added option for database backup and restore

New button inserted to generate automatically a backup and save it on a USB, making it also very easy to restore back the information if needed.

5. Added option for manual deletion of old events log

This will make easier to be in compliance with the law and any new data protection regulations. Now it is possible to select all the data that needs to be deleted within a range of dates. This option will be available for any data older than 6 months.

6. Added option for licensing by file instead of USB dongle

New option available, especially important for all those customers who are using servers and don´t have a physical USB port to connect the USB dongle. If that´s the case, they will be identified with a user number and will receive a file to access all the options acquired with the license.

7. Access events are sent to NxWitness and DigitalWatchdog video systems

The communication between our PROS CS and the NxWitness or Digital Watchdog video system will be more fluid, being able to cross the information and control what´s going on on each camera, and what access event is happening at that exact same time.

8. New counting function for the Access Reports

New function added to the Access Reports, it makes easy to know how many times the users are accessing an area or room. (E.g.: to control how many times do the workers go to the canteen, use a meeting room, etc.)

(*) The functions marked with the asterisk can work with the new controller firmware 4.18.


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