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Our first XPR display to complete our EWS controllers range has arrived!

Posted February 7, 2020 Solutions

Our first XPR display to complete our EWS controllers range has arrived!

At XPR one of our most important values is the innovation. We are constantly looking for new improvements, exploring and studying the most up-to-date technologies allow us to offer many improved solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs.

We have made another step ahead, and we are very happy to introduce you our first LCD display: MT-LCD.

This display not only has the same design than our standard XPR readers, which combines perfectly with the design of your building, it has very interesting functions as displaying T&A (time and attendance) and counter codes.


Counter status

Can you imagine being able to know how many parking lots are available? How many users are in a room?

This is now possible with the counter function of the new display MT-LCD.

This product is very useful for any application that require counter codes.


T&A codes

MT-LCD also displays T&A (time & attendance) codes, which is a very important function for many companies and hotels.

You will be able to easily check the start/ends shifts, breaks, private leave, checkout times of customers (hotels), and many more. It also can display this information at the time of user identification.


ONLine Access

This new display is part of our ONLine Access devices, so you can easily add MT-LCD to your XPR ONLine system and combine it with our online readers and EWS controllers. It is compatible with EWS-V2, EWSI-V2, EWS-DR, EWSI-DR controllers with firmware 4.18 or newer.

Also you can manage and program all the system with our PROS CS software. To work with MT-LCD it needs the version 5.2 or higher, and the PROS CS license is required (USB or file license). Click here for more information about this software.


Click here for further information on the MT-LCD


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