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The XPR Attendance Control solution can help you in pandemic periods!

Posted June 17, 2020 Solutions

The XPR Attendance Control solution can help you in pandemic periods!

We have recently launched our new MT-LCD display, which is our first XPR display for time codes and attendance control. The display for T&A codes is ideal for any company or business which needs to provide users their T&A on arrival and departure, have control or report of information such as shift start/end, breaks or private leave, amongst others.

However, it can also display counting codes, and this is nowadays extremely helpful and important to face this current world-wide pandemic situation with COVID-19. The software will detect the number of users inside a defined area, and therefore you can help to maintain the social distance and take care of both your workers and clients/visitors.


XPR provides this solution as part of their ONLine system. Each EWS controller can control up to 2 doors or 1 door in APB. If needed, you can add up to 4 MT-LCD per controller. By adding our MTPX RFID reader to the entrance and exit of the door, you can control the attendance thus the capacity of people allowed in a defined area. You can configurate and limit the number of users inside an area or room. This kind of systems is ideal to use in different environments such as some restaurants, cafes, meeting rooms, shared office rooms (co-working).. and many more!

Example Scenario

In this example scenario, the counter system is composed by the following devices:
– 2 x MTPX RFID readers to provide access to users.
– 2 x MT-LCD displays to provide number, time and date to the user on entry and exit.
– 1 x EWSi, door controller with native TCP/IP port to manage people’s flow with help of the associated PROS CS software.

The administrator can organise and define the maximum number of authorised people in the defined chosen area. By installing a reader and a display in both outdoor and indoor areas, you can provide access and current visual information to the users until the capacity is full. Then, the system will not allow any more access to following users until someone comes out of the area to respect the limited authorized capacity thus controlling flow and keep people safe. This system can be configured and extended to another door if the installation is composed, for example, of two access doors in the same area.

As well as counting people in and out, you could expand the system to more functions such as:
Function cards to reset or set the current counter to pre-defined values
Anti-passback or Global Anti-passback function for extra security not allowing people to exchange their user cards and compromising control.



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