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They are not just keypads… but MORE!!

Posted May 30, 2019 News

They are not just keypads… but MORE!!

At XPR we are constantly improving our keypad models, including new features and options to use.

We are particularly proud of the two models that we are highlighting on this newsletter: the B100PADBK-SA, which offers Keypad and Biometry in one, and the MTPADPBK-EH-SA, which includes Proximity.

Both of them come with an elegant black ABS housing.

They are not just keypads, they include 2 technologies in one and build up the path to enhance your access control system at a very competitive price.

> The Keypads


Really easy to programm, this model offers you the option to control the access via a keypad-code or by recognizing the fingerprint of the user.

Its configuration can be simply done by swiping the finger on the sensor or on the keypad.

It can store up to 100 finger templates (98 users and 2 programmers). It comes with one integrated relay output and one exit button input.

The reader can be connected to a remote relay unit in a secure area, if needed, playing also the role of an exit push button.

Created to complete an easy one-door standalone installation, it can be expanded to 2 relays in combination with the DINRTT remote unit.


The MTPADPBK-EH-SA combines two technologies in one elegant reader: it is a keypad but also an EM & HID 125 kHz proximity reader.

It comes with a built-in relay and a stylish black ABS housing. It has capacity for 1000 codes/cards.

It has a RS-485 interface to connect it to different I/O boards, allowing to expand the number of relays and use them for different purposes.

MTPADPBK- EH-SA connection with other remote relay units

> Recommended Remote Relay Unit



The RU1 is a remote relay unit of 1 relay, with RS485 output, that can work either with the B100PADBK-SA and the MTPADPBK-EH-SA, among other readers.

It is particularly small and easy to install, as it can be embedded in the cable. You won´t have to mount it on the wall. It can be fitted in any standard electrical gang box.

Its dimensions and features make of this product the perfect choice for installing a standalone access solution saving money and time.


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