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Our Online Range is getting Bigger!

Posted July 11, 2019 News

Our Online Range is getting Bigger!

We welcome the new TX transmitters family and the radio receiver RX4W!

They work with 868 MHz and are suitable to many different door installations: roller doors, swing, sliding doors, sectional gates, revolving doors, etc.

The TX transmitters have a high signal range, of up to 100 meters in the open space. The RX4W radio receiver codifies their signal into different protocolos, depending on their configuration (C4+, Clock&Data, Wiegand).

Main advantages of the Radio Range:

To see more info about our Radio Range, with all its features and technical details, please click on this button:RADIO RANGE DETAILS

And we welcome the UH-PS3 too!

The UH-PS3 is a metal enclosure with power supply included. It can be used with some of our online controllers, keypads, remote relay units, converters and relay boards.

It is a universal enclosure, so it can be used to include more than one product inside. There is no need to obtain a different enclosure for any new product that is wanted to be installed.

The power supply allows to charge an emergency battery, to prevent possible power-outages.

* This product will replace the former UH2-PS2 and UH4-PS2 housings.
* The UH-PS3 has 3.6 A of current output, instead of the 2A of the PS2 housings.

Check more info about this product on the following data sheet: UH-PS3 INFO


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