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The XPR Standalone Bluetooth readers: our new and complete access control touchless solution

Posted April 15, 2021 Solutions

The XPR Standalone Bluetooth readers: our new and complete access control touchless solution

XPR is delighted to announce our new access control readers using the last Bluetooth® technology. It is an ideal contactless solution, especially recommended during this worldwide pandemic situation. This system gives the administrator the possibility to remotely program, set-up and manage this standalone access control solution via a user-friendly software (Windows). The user can easily open/close the access using a smart device (phone or tablet) with the help of the user app (iOS, Android).



Apps and software


XPR SMART ACCESS: Use your smart device to open doors.

As well as being able to access via RFID card or fob, PIN code or fingerprint template, with the XPR SMART ACCESS App, users can also use their smart device (smartphone or tablet) to open/close and keep open/close the door. Your smart device is used as a smart identifier communicating with the Standalone Bluetooth XPR readers using Bluetooth® wireless technology. This user App allows you to manage access by opening and closing the doors remotely (max. 10m). There is also the possibility to use this function from your computer using the Windows software or MacOS App.

XPR Smart ADMIN: Manage, program and set-up your system with your computer with the administrator software.

The XPR SMART ADMIN software enables an easy and flexible management of the XPR Bluetooth standalone readers. You can set-up the readers, manage users and their access rights, download events and edit reports. This software is Windows compatible.

Different opening modes

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology and using our XPR Smart Access app, different access user modes are available with your smart device, as swiping the app, shaking the smart device or using the voice mode (depending on smart device model).


Bluetooth readers: different technologies and colours

It is very important for XPR to provide different solutions and devices to meet everyone’s needs. This system is available with different readers combining different technologies like Bluetooth®, biometry, RFID and Keypad. The readers are available in 2 different colors: silver and black (Black Edition).


MTPADP-BT-EH-SA: Bluetooth Standalone keypad + RFID. Standalone keypad with integrated RFID reader (EM & HID 125 kHz), all in one. New diffused tricolor uni-LED (orange, green or red) to indicate the reader status.

B100P-BT-EH-SA: Standalone Biometry Bluetooth reader with RFID. Swipe capacitive biometric with integrated RFID reader (EM & HID 125 kHz), all in one.



Many applications

The XPR Bluetooth product range is an ideal solution for fast and reliable standalone access control requirements. Here are a few examples of installation cases for the Bluetooth XPR readers:

• Shops
• Offices
• Storage areas
• Parking
• Residential


Click here if you want to know more about the Bluetooth range.


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