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The MTPADP-OSDP-MF is a backlit keypad with integrated MIFARE reader.

It’s coming with a polycarbonate front plate, available in a ABS housing in silver or black colour. It is elegant, slim, compact and built for inside and outside use. The MTPADP-OSDP-MF is compatible with any third-party OSDP controllers systems.

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OSDP protocol

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) was developed as a nonproprietary interface specification that can be implemented without restriction.
The benefits of the OSDP protocol are:
• Increased security and encryption, suitable for high security applications
• Supervised connections, monitoring, TCP/IP communications
• Interoperability / Standardization. Communications among different access control devices
• Easier and more cost effective installation (bi-directional communication, uses less wiring)
• Quickly becoming the new industry standard
Those are the main reasons that XPR has started to implemented the OSDP protocol within their range of readers

Mifare Reader

The MTPADP-OSDP-MF reads Mifare Classic, Ultralight and Desfire credentials with a read range of up to 6 cm.

Backlight keypad

The MTPADP-OSDP-EH is equipped with an keypad color backlight. The Red and green colors are controlled by the master device.


Mounting: Surface mount
Housing: ABS
Colours: Black and Silver
Resin potted electronic: Yes
Technology: Mifare 13,56 MHz
Protocol: OSDP
Keys: Backlit metallic
Reading type: Mifare Classic CSN, Ultralight and Desfire cards
Read range: Up to 6 cm
Visible signal: Diffused backlight (green, orange, red)
Backlight control: Red and green controlled by master device
Audible signal: Internal buzzer
Wiring: 0,5 m cable
Voltage: 9 to 15V DC
Consumption: Maximum 150 mA
IP rating: 65
Dimensions (L x H x W): 51 x 92 x 27 mm
Weight: ~100 g
Operating Temperature: -30ºC to 60ºC
Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% RH without condensation
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  • Download XPR-MTPADP-OSDP-MF-DS_EN_ve1
  • Download Tastiera RFID multi tecnologia Manuale
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