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DIN Range Readers

Posted January 31, 2017 Solutions

DIN Range Readers

When we created the DIN range, we already knew that our products were going to change the access control scenario. Our solutions do not bring all the attention to ourselves, but they completely integrate with the aesthetic of the environment, achieving at the same time their main function: to ensure safe access control.


All the products from the DIN range can be installed in any standard electrical box.

ONLY TWO DECISIONS TO MAKE TO GET THE ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM THAT YOU WANT:1. Choose the frame colour that best adapts to your interior design.

2. Choose the electronic that suits your technology needs.


With the DIN range, the reader will be perfectly integrated into your interior decoration. The frames are available in 3 different colours to choose from: silver, charcoal and white, easy to adapt to any type of style.


Different technology combinations available to satisfy your security installation needs.


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