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MIFARE S50 & S70

MIFARE S50 & S70

The MIFARE contactless card are used in access management, public transport,… There are available with 1KB and 4 KB memory, and 7 byte or 4 byte identifiers.

Different support are available: ISO and NISO cards and ABS key fobs.

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MIFARE S50 & S70


Ring Key Fobs in different Colours

Ideal to differentiate areas of access (red for the storage room and the entrance, green for the gym, blue for the parking space...); and help users to find quickly their key fob among the other keys they may have.


PBXB-1E-MS50 (Blue); PBXBK-1E-MS50 (Black);
PBXG-1E-MS50 (Green); PBXR-1E-MS50 (Red);
PBX-1E-MS50 (Grey).


Version: Key fob
Material: ABS
Reading Type: Mifare (1K)
Version: Card
Material: 0.75mm ISO
Reading Type: Mirare (1K)
Version: Card
Material: 2 mm NISO
Reading Type: 2 mm NISO Card - Mifare (1K)
Version: Card
Material: 0.75mm ISO
Reading Type: Mifare (4K)