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WS4 Remote

WS4 Remote

Access Remote Application for Web Server Solutions

Our new WS4 Remote Application is now available for users on doors controlled by our WS4 webserver access controller.
This multilingual app enables the user to have door access using his smartphone or smartwatch like a remote control without the need to open the web server browser to activate.
It can also refresh the different readers of WS4 systems when they have been modified.
It’s ideal for installations like private houses, commercial premises, etc.

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WS4 Remote


Door mode

Door open: Open the door for the period defined at the WS4 controller.

Keep open: You can select the option “Keep Open” to keep the door unlocked until the next-door command.

Closed door: If you select the “Close” option, the door will remain closed even if the option “Keep Open” has been selected beforehand.

Compatible with different devices

The WS4 Remote App is compatible with iOS, MacOS and Android and downloadable from the App Store and Google Play platforms. This interface is free of charge.


Compatibility: iOS, MacOS, Android (app)
Multilingual: EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, DE, PT
Download: App Store (iOS and MacOS), Google Play (Android)
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Download WS4 Remote Data Sheet
  • Download WS4 Remote Application Note for Android
  • Download WS4 Remote Application Note for iOS