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Programming and Management Software for EWSI/EWS Controllers

The PROS CS is a Client Server Access Control Management Software for the EWS Network controller system. This software enables multiple clients to connect to the system locally or remotely.
There are two options to use with PROS CS 5.0: a Free License and a Full License with more features available, simply by plugging a USB key (our CS Key) into the PROS CS Server PC.

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From the same window and without having to browse the system, you can configure the access profile of any user, sign up, provide the access card, enroll the fingerprint, take a picture, view the schedule and the group Access, manage your entrance to the parking, block access to certain rooms, allow to disarm the alarm...

Fingerprint enrolment

User’s fingerprint templates can be directly enrolled from the same software by clicking on the biometric tab of the user window. You can also associate a card, a card number or a PIN code to the same user depending on the type of reader used.

Access report generation & option of importing data from an Excel file.

Reader, Door, Area & Site based easy graphical selection for generation of reports.

Data that can be imported from an Excel document to the PROS CS software:
- Users (all user data that is shown in the Users window (including fingerprints) is imported – except the user Image)
- Departments
- Access Levels (Needs to be configured after import. Only access level with the given name is created)
- Workgroups (Needs to be configured after import. Only workgroup with the given name is created. Shifts need to be created also manually)

T&A report generation

Different Time & Attendance reports, such as detailed short daily & monthly absences & events, based on year, month, day & time can be generated with filters such as user, department, period, days & events.

- Feature available with PROS CS Full License -

Create your own scenarios

Define which events you want to control and what actions to take. Create your own scenarios, setting triggers for alarms and actions to improve your security.

Among others, possible scenarios and rules that you want to control are: when a door is open, what to do if a door has been forced, how to send an email, show a pop-up window, play sound, run an exe file or activate an output.

- Feature available with PROS CS Full License -


Main Features with Free License
Client-Server Software: Multiple users can connect to the server PC
Interface: User-Friendly Windows interface for simple programming, management and control of installations
Number of Controllers: Unlimited (controllers EWS/i & EWS/i DR)
Number of Doors and Access Levels: Unlimited
Number of Users: Unlimited (15,000 max. per controller)
Mantrap: Yes
Fingerprint Management: Integrated
Enrollment: Can be done from any reader in the network, or from Desktop enrollment unit
Relay activation: Activation of several relays from one reader
Remote Relays activation - from Client PC
Time zones and holidays: 24 Time zones, 32 Holiday periods per EWS/i & EWS/i DR
Event viewer: On real time
Customized reports with filter for: Time, User, Department, Reader or Door.
Entry mode: Card, Finger, PIN Code, Card+PIN Code, Card+Finger, Finger+PIN Code, Finger on Card
Sent reports: By mail
Fire alarm: Automatic printing of evacuation report
MS Access database: Yes
Compatible with: Windows: 8, 7, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 10 and 11. Mac (with Parallels Desktop)
Live Muster report: Yes
User image capture: With USB camera
Map creation: To view events on the screen for each area defined on the map.
Video integration: With Milestone, NxWitness and Digital Watchdog.
Customizable toolbars: Yes
Integration tools for other softwares: Softwares SDK, shadow user table
Multilanguage: EN, FR, NL, DE, ES, IT, PT, PL, CZ, MK
Additional Features with Full License
Lift control: Up to 32 floors per controller
Global Anti-Passback: Yes
Time & Attendance: Automatic with customized schedules
Creation of own scenarios: To collect information from events and create alarms, send mails, etc.
SQL database: Yes
Global fire alarm: Yes
ID card design and printing: Yes
Web report server: Generate reports using Internet browser from PC, tablet or mobile
* All new features exposed are available by downloading PROS CS versions 5.0 onwards; for access to the Full License, you will need to get a CS Key and insert it into the PROS CS Server PC.
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice


  • Download PROS CS Software & Firmware (including new and older versions, application notes & tutorials, Milestone plugin and SDK)
  • Download PROS CS Data Sheet - EN