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Xsecure Fobs & Cards

Xsecure Fobs & Cards

Xsecure fobs and cards are part of XPR’s latest encryption solution crafted to elevate data protection. Using a key diversification mechanism, additional data encryption, validity checks, and native AES encryption for Mifare DESFire cards, key sets and encryption processes are safeguarded as confidential information exclusive to the secure reader.

Xsecure tags use Mifare DESFire EV3 credentials.

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Xsecure Fobs & Cards


What makes security cards essential?

As being the most exposed part of RFID systems, cloning RFID cards or simulating Card Serial Numbers has become a common way of hacking an access control system. Therefore, a security upgrade is needed to secure user credentials.

Concept of the Xsecure cards

Our cards and key fobs are based on a non-reversible diversification process that results in the uniqueness of each credential access key (key to reading data on the credential). To further prevent spoofing, the credential's data is sealed, encrypted, and error checked. The reader and credential encoding system in use are the only components of this process. Credentials are exclusively encoded by XPR, which is in charge of issuing IDs, to avoid duplicates.


¹ All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


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