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Input/Output Relay Board

Input/Output Relay board that is used with EWS-DR and EWSI-DR controllers as an add-on for lift application.

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Easy mounting

DIN rail enclosure

EWS/I DR in Lift Mode

The EWS/I DR controllers can be put in Lift Mode to control the floor access and permit the use of elevator only by authorized cardholder. One I/O Board RB0408 enables control of 8 floors. Max. of 4 RB0408 boards can be used per EWS/I DR controller (32 floors). Through the Access levels, the cardholder can be allowed to access certain floors even in certain time zones.


Relay boards: Max. 4 Relay boards per Controller (32 floors)
Number of controllers: Unlimited Controllers in lift mode per site
Inputs: 4 digital inputs (0 V / 3.3 V)
Outputs: 8 relay outputs (2 A / 150 VAC)
Protocol: RS-485 Communication
Access Levels: Floor access managed in Access Levels
Dimensions: PCB: 102.8 x 86.8 mm
Din Rail (L x H x W ): 107 x 90 x 61 mm
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.