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Hotel Management Software

The PROH MS manages the following tasks in the same software:
– Check in & Check out
– Booking
– Public room access
– Employee and guest access…

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Main Hotel Window

Main window enables clear view of room status, guests, number of vacant rooms.
Also enables quick search of room name, status or guest.
Simple interface makes it easy to perform any operation like check in/out.

Services Order - Service Products

Managing of Guest orders and services makes it easy to make the final checkout bill.


Make a booking of any room for any period.


Guest check-in and create room access card.

Public Room

Restrict public room access to guests only. Rent public rooms for non-guest usage. Credit on card option suitable.


Number of guest and employee cards: Unlimited
Capacity: 255 Buildings, 255 Floors each, 223 Doors per Floor, 32 Public rooms
Access management: Manage guest access to rooms and public rooms (restaurant, gym....) and employees' access
Cards enrolment: Via PROX-USB Desktop Reader
Database: SQL Database
Public rooms management: 32 (swimming pool, gym, conference hall…)
Customised access to public rooms: Hotel guests can have customised access to public rooms
Visitor access: Visitors (no guests) can have access to public room defined by time, date, weekday, number of entries
The software includes: Reservation, Check In, Reporting, Card issuing, Room service
Reports: For Check-ins, cards, events, bills...
USB connectivity: To MTPX-MF-SA for configuration and events download
Public rooms automatic open/close schedule: yes
Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 10
Compatible hardware: PROX-USB desktop card reader/Writer, HL1000-MF Hotel lock, DINMTPX-MF-SA and MTPX-MF-SA standalone readers
Client server software: Yes
Multilanguage: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.