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What kind of Database does the PROS CS Software use?

MS Access or SQL. It is selectable.

Does the EWSi System support remote sites?

Yes, the EWSi controllers can be installed on remote location.

Can the PROS CS Software be installed on multiple PCs?

Yes, PROS CS client can be installed on a number of PCs, either local to the server or remotely via the Internet.

Which number of Doors and Users can the EWS system support?

Doors – unlimited; Users – 15000.

Can I trigger a relay or send a mail for any event using the PROS CS software?

Yes, by using the feature “Scenario”.

Which controller besides the EWS can receive Wiegand codes?

The standalone 2 doors controller SC24000, with 4000 users.

What is the capacity of the Fingerprint Readers?

B100 series – 100 fingerprints; BIOC3 series – 9500 fingerprints.

Do you need to enroll the fingerprint on each fingerprint reader in the network?

No. Enrolment is just done once, from any fingerprint reader in the network or from a desktop fingerprint reader.

With the MINI-SA2 Standalone Reader, how can I delete a User that has lost his User Card?

The user card can be deleted with the Shadow Card. The shadow card is specifically designed for that. The Shadow card does not grant access, it is just used for deleting user cards.

In the MINI-SA2 System, Can I register many users under the same shadow card?

Yes, you can add up to 4000 users to the same card. Just note that when deleting a user with the shadow card, all users that are associated to that card will be deleted.