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Proximity Desktop Reader and Enrolment Unit – Xsecure

PROX-USB-X is an RFID configurable R/W reader with keyboard emulation (Windows, MAC, Linux).

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Xsecure Solution

The Xsecure solution is based on the concept of writing the identifier as data on pre-coded MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 13.56 MHz cards.
Xsecure enables each card access key to be distinct and unique, produced through an irreversible diversification process. As a result, the data on the card is encrypted and sealed again, with an error checking against spoofing.
Only the reader and the production card encoding system are aware of this operation.
XPR encodes the cards and validates the identifiers issued to avoid duplication.

Large Reading Type Cards

Mifare classic, Mifare DESfire, EM 125 kHz, HID 125 kHz, ISO 15693, HID iClass, NFC and Xsecure

Easy Installation

It doesn’t require any installation or drivers. It is only powered by USB.

Large LED around the Reader for Easy Reading of the Card Enrolment

LED status indicates successful cards enrolment.


Type of model: Proximity desktop reader and enrolment unit
Housing: ABS
Driver: Not required
USB interface: Yes
CSN card reading (serial number): Mifare classic, Mifare DESfire, EM4100, HID PROX 125 KHz compatible, ISO 15693, HID iClass, NFC and Xsecure
Card data read/write: For Mifare DESfire cards
Large rectangular LED: Orange LED blinking: card reading indication
Connection: USB
Operating temperature: +5ºC to +40ºC Indoor
Compatible systems: PROS CS and WS4 Web server
Configuration software: PROS CS and PROX-USB-X Configurator

¹ All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Download PROX-USB-X Manual_EN-FR-SP-IT-NL-GE
  • Download PROX-USB-X Configurator Software