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13.56 MHz RFID Keypad

The RFID keypad integrates effectively with our PROS CS client server software and EWS controllers, supporting 13.56 MHz credentials and communicating via standard Wiegand protocol.

The configuration and the firmware update can be done using our PROS CS software via the USB-C input on the back of the reader or with a programming card.

The XP products are coming with the Xsecure® key, but only products ending in -X are coming with the Xsecure® configuration by default to ensure data protection.

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Xsecure solution

The Xsecure solution is based on the concept of writing the identifier as data on pre-coded MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 13.56 MHz cards.
Xsecure enables each card access key to be distinct and unique, produced through an irreversible diversification process. As a result, the data on the card is encrypted and sealed again, with an error checking against spoofing.
Only the reader and the production card encoding system are aware of this operation.
XPR encodes the cards and validates the identifiers issued to avoid duplication.

Backlight Keypad

The XP-K-MF-W / XP-K-MF-W-X features a blue backlight keypad. When the code or card is presented, the keypad's top LED changes from blue to red if access is denied, and from blue to green if access is granted. The blue backlight keypad, which signals that the keypad is connected (in idle mode), does not change its colour and only blinks for every key press.


The XP-K-MF-W and XP-K-MF-W-X read Mifare CSN and DESfire credentials with a read range of up to 9 cm.

Plug and Play

The Xpro readers' Plug and Play system simplifies installation and offers secure and flexible access management options. The readers are pre-configured and ready to connect with the solution of your choice. This saves both time and resources when implementing the access control system.

Compatible with UK, EMEA and US standard mounting

Our device offers a variety of mounting options that comply with standards used in the UK, EMEA, the USA, and most European countries. This provides interoperability across different locations, making installation straightforward and providing peace of mind for our customers worldwide.


A: USB-C connector for configuration management and firmware updates in order to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

B: Wire terminals with distinct functions: Power, RS-485, Wiegand D0, D1, LED, Buzzer control, Tamper.


Mounting: Surface mount
Housing: Polycarbonate copolymer (UL94)
Internal buzzer: With adjustable intensity using software
Communication: Wiegand
Keys: Blue illuminated and recessed touch sensor keys
Reading range: Up to 9 cm, depending on the tag type and size
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Tamper protection: Yes
Wiring: Terminal block
Operating voltage: 9 - 15 V DC
Max. consumption at 12 V DC: 100 mA
Supported Credentials: Xsecure, Mifare CSN (Classic, DESfire, Plus, Ultralight), Mifare DESfire (EV1, EV2, EV3)
Dimensions: 80 x 107 x 28 mm
Weight: ~0.16 kg
Environmental rating: Indoor/ Outdoor IP65 (resin potted)
Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C
Operating humidity: Operating humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Impact protection rating: IK10

¹ All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


*The XP products are coming with the Xsecure key, but only products ending in -X are coming with the Xsecure configuration by default.


  • Download XP-K-MF-W Data sheet - EN
  • Download Xpro_Installer manual_EN,FR,SP,GE,IT,NL
  • Download Xpro_Factory settings per reference_EN,FR,SP,GE,IT,NL