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XPR is thrilled to announce our new product ranges, Xsmart & Xpro, which will take centre stage…

10 January, 2024


Take a Leap into a More Comprehensive Web Server System

Dive into the upgraded WS4 (firmware V3.01) Among the constantly evolving technological industry,…

18 December, 2023


Check out our new WS4 Remote App.

You no longer have to carry a remote control or keys with you thanks to the WS4 Remote App Our…

14 March, 2023


XPR offers an additional and fully standalone OFFLine solution thanks to the new PXP range

The PXP consists of a range of offline electronic door cylinders which has always been an ideal…

5 September, 2022


Our EWS controllers are now compatible with the C4 software from Gamanet

We are pleased to announce that our EWS/EWSi Wiegand controllers are now compatible with C4, the…

27 May, 2022


New strategic partnership between XPR and Mediterranean

We are pleased to announce our new business agreement with the consulting firm…

8 November, 2021


The MTT-IR is the first XPR IR exit button with relay activation by hand waving

We now know more than ever the importance of protecting our health against the spread of germs,…

1 September, 2021


Check out our XPR standalone readers working with both keypad and RFID technology!

At XPR, we always work hard to provide the best possible product to meet our customer’s…

1 October, 2020

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