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The MTT-IR is the first XPR IR exit button with relay activation by hand waving

Posted September 1, 2021 Solutions

The MTT-IR is the first XPR IR exit button with relay activation by hand waving

We now know more than ever the importance of protecting our health against the spread of germs, bacteria or viruses. This is even more significant in public places like offices, hospitals, shopping centres, shops, showrooms and many others where people’s traffic can lead to a higher level of hygiene risk.

The MTT-IR is fitted with infrared technology allowing the relay activation from an adjustable distance by hand waving. The contactless feature reduces usual situations when a user normally needs to be physically in contact with the device therefore greatly helps against the spread of germs on surfaces and protects our health.



MTT-IR: IR request to exit – door activation device.

The IR detection field is adjustable up to 6 cm in distance allowing to set it up to the purpose required. The integrated buzzer and status LED are activated by default and could be deactivated if more discretion is needed.

This unit is surface mount, the housing material is ABS and there are 2 different colours available as standard: silver and black. More colours are available upon request like charcoal, blue, green, red or white (bespoke OEM colour available with RAL supply upon MOQ) to meet the requirements of different decor styles.


Contactless solution applications

By adding the MTT-IR to other possible devices such as the XPR Bluetooth readers or RFID readers, you can create a complete access control contactless solution. This kind of system is not only efficient against hygiene risk, but it is also the best solution for day-to-day challenges of mobility requirements (use of wheelchairs, disabilities, injuries…).

Here are a few examples of ideal installation cases for the MTT-IR:

– Hospitals/health centres                           – Offices                                             – Food industry
– School canteen                                          – Toilet access                                   – Shopping centres
– Shops                                                          – Warehouse/Inventory                    – Showrooms



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