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XPR offers an additional and fully standalone OFFLine solution thanks to the new PXP range

Posted September 5, 2022 Solutions

XPR offers an additional and fully standalone OFFLine solution thanks to the new PXP range

The PXP consists of a range of offline electronic door cylinders which has always been an ideal system for simple, quick and cost-effective installations without the need for controllers. The PXP range with the help of the KEY MANAGER software offers a complete standalone access control system without the need for external power.

PXP-CY Cylinders line: cylinder bodies and Mifare electronic reader modules

The PXP range has a large choice of different cylinders dimensions allowing different configurations, depending on different assembly options and being able to adapt the cylinder body to the door thickness. Those cylinders are designed to be fitted with Mifare electronic readers with integrated batteries on one or both sides for read in/read out or also mechanical knobs for opening and closing.


PXP-CL-MF: Cabinet lock

This model is mainly used for lockers and cabinets. It is fitted with a LED indicating the door status and an integrated battery. The users activate the cabinet lock using Mifare cards/fobs.

Key Manager

The Key Manager is the new XPR software for the OFFLine solution. It allows access rights configuration, reports creation, credit management or ID cards customization, amongst other functions. Besides the DINMTPX-MF-SA V2 and MTPX-MF-SA V2 readers, it can also manage the new PXP range devices. It is secure and easy to install. The Key Manager software is free of charge and can be downloaded directly from our website.



OFFLine Solution

The XPR OFFLine solution is perfect for sites where an ONLine solution cannot be used and that require easy and cost-effective installations with little wiring work. It does not need any controller or any IP/RS-485 network, each reader works as a mini Standalone controller. It also allows to do everything in the same place:


– User identification by Mifare card/fob
– Creation of personal access profile for each user or group
– Access restrictions (depending on time, holiday periods…)
– Recovery of events history and reports edition
– Removal of lost or non-returned cards (so they can no longer be used)
– Visitors management with limited access cards
– Possibility to program a reader in access or credit mode
– Control of energy consumption
– Management of room privacy

Thanks to the Key Manager software and using the PROX-USB desktop reader, you can configure the complete system with Mifare RFID readers, the keyfobs and cards or additional and optional exit buttons with remote relay units (RU1 or RU2).

The OFFLine solution is ideal for small companies as:

– business centre
– fitness centre
– storage buildings
– store chains
– apartment buildings
– residential areas
– …



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