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100% Autonomous Web Server Access Controller – 2 Doors

WS4-2D allows you to check and manage online the status of your door and access installation anytime you want and wherever you are.

The whole system can be easily managed from any web browser.

To access the WS4-2D online, just click the “My WS4” button and log in with your details.

The controller board (WS4-2D-E) and the wall mount enclosure with 75 W power supply (WS4-PS5) is all you need for a complete installation solution.


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Accessible From Anywhere in the World

* 100% stand-alone.
* No software to install or download. No dedicated PC.
* Access your WS4-2D via Internet.
* It can be used with all types of devices: PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, iPad.
* It adapts to the format of your equipment (Responsive Web Design).

Easy to Install and Expand

Created to manage 2 doors with different readers, one system can have up to 15 WS4 controllers (any model) and control up to 40 doors, managing 2500 users and 250 access groups (categories).

It´s a very versatile solution, being possible to control and combine different options: with or without Anti-Passback, one reader per door...

Reduced Installation Time

* The readers work with RS-485 outputs, establishing a double communication between the readers and the controller, and reducing the number of wires needed in the installation.
* The controller works with TCP/IP connection (10/100/1000 Base-T – HTTP or HTTPS).
* The power supply is connected to the controller, simplifying the wiring connection of locks and magnets.


Number of users: 2500 users
Door Relays: 2 (2 A/48 V AC/DC)
Access groups: 250 (categories)
Weekly schedules: 50
Stored events: 50,000
Operators: 10
If door contact is present, option for: - Break-in alarm
- Door open too long alarm
- Max. open time: 15 - 999 s
- Pre-alarm time (reader buzzer): 0 - 99 s
Free access period: with "Only if someone is inside" option
Reader connection: 4 wires (Power + RS-485)
Connectivity: TCPIP 10/100/1000 Base-T mode DHCP (default) or fixed.
HTTPS connection.
Real-time and maintenance status: View of the general status of the system
View of door status
Import and Export: Import and export users as .csv file
Input - output: 2 inputs: emergency, vehicle detection
3 outputs: alarm, storing alarm status, presence
Additional configuration: - Anti-Passback and Timed Anti-Passback (0-99 min)
- Mantrap function on all doors
- Interlock
Software system limits: 40 doors max. and 15 WS4 (1 master + 14 slaves)
Attendance: Activate AUX OUT Relay when the first person enters and the last person leaves
Minimum password length: 8 characters
Internal backup: The WS4 automatically creates an internal backup on USB memory stick at 23:00 only if the programming has been changed. A maximum of 15 backups are retained
2 possible combinations: a) 2 doors with 1 reader and 1 push button
b) 1 door with 2 readers, for entry and exit
Voltage: 15 V DC
Wiegand readers connection: Yes, via Wiegand to RS-485 converter - WS4-CNV
Mechanical characteristics:
Electronic dimensions: 86 x 130 x 40 mm
Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Operating humidity: 0% to 85% (without condensation)
Tamper: Yes, built-in
WS4-2D-E: WS4-2D controller - only electronic
WS4-PS5: Universal aluminium wall mounted housing with 1 x 5 A PSU for door controller - Webserver
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


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  • Download WS4-2D Data Sheet - EN
  • Download XPR-WS4-2D-E_Manual_A4_Rev.2.01
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