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125 KHz Fobs & Cards

125 KHz Fobs & Cards

125 kHz cards and fobs to use with EM proximity readers. Different supports are available: ISO and NISO cards, ABS and leather key fobs.

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125 KHz Fobs & Cards


125KHz RFID cards and fobs

Contactless 125 kHz EM4100 RFID ID Smart Entry Access Card. EM 4102, EM 4200 compatible cards. The PBX2 cards are printable.

Ring Key Fobs in different Colours

Ideal to differentiate areas of access (red for the storage room and the entrance, green for the gym, blue for the parking space...); and help users to find quickly their key fob among the other keys they may have.


PBXB-1E (Blue); PBXBK-1E (Black); PBXG-1E (Green);
PBXR-1E (Red); PBX-1E (Grey).


Version Keyfob
Material ABS
Reading type 125 kHz
Version Key fob
Material Leather
Reading type 125 kHz
Version Card
Material 0.75 mm ISO
Reading type 125 kHz
Version Card
Material 2 mm NISO
Reading type 125 kHz