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Wiegand Swipe Sensor Biometric Reader – Flush Mount

DINB100 is a single Wiegand biometric reader for access control applications with storage up to 100 finger templates that combines technology with style as its design matches perfectly with practically any decor. The DINB100 is compatible for flush mounting in European standards electrical gang boxes.

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Swipe capacitive sensor

The DINB100 is a swipe capacitive sensor.
The SteelCoat protective coating provides added protection of fingerprint sensor for rugged environments
The matching time is < 2 s.

Large LED around the reader for an easy and stylish reading status

Another key defining feature of the MINI range is the multi-colour rectangular status LED. The proximity and biometric reader’s change colour depending the user’s fingerprint is active (orange), accepted (green) or denied (red).

Reader configuration through Software

The reader configurations and fingerprint enrolments are done via PC software. Connection between the biometric readers is RS-485 used for fingerprint transfer and configuration. Reader management is integrated in our PROS CS access control software for configuration. Compatible with our EWS controller or any third party controller using our BIOMANAGER software. An RS-485/TCPIP converter is available for third party integration.

Easy mounting

It cannot be easier to complete any flush mount. Each piece matches perfectly with the next, and they can be installed in any standard electrical gang box. (The mask and the electronics are sold separately.) The mask is available in UK and European standards.

Plug & Play System

Double and single technology available in different versions, standalone or network, combining biometry, keypad and proximity (EM & HID 125 kHz compatible or MIFARE).

Available in different colours

The DIN Range is available on 3 colours by default: silver, charcoal and white. Three colours that usually go very well with any decor or building design.
And for those who want something different, there are more colours available upon request, like white, green, blue, red, gold… You will have definitely many options to choose.


Mounting: Flush
Mask: ABS (sold separately)
Colours: Silver, charcoal, white
Protocol: Wiegand output (8 to 128 bits)
Templates: 100 fingerprints
Matching time: < 2 s
Enrolment: Enrolment can be done from Desktop Reader (B100PROX-USB) or reader itself
Configuration: Configuration and user management is done with software
Wiegand protocol adjustment done through PC
Fingerprints stored in the reader and backup copy kept in the software
Visible signal: Green LED: Access granted
Red LED: Access denied
Orange LED: Idle mode
Programmable backlight ON/OFF
Voltage: 9-14 V DC
Consumption: 100 mA max.
Mechanical Characteristics
IP rating: IP54
Dimensions (L x H x W): 80 x 80 x 17.57 mm
Weight: ~0.15 kg
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Operating humidity: 5% to 93% RH without condensation
DINB100-E: DIN range - electronic only - SWIPE capacitive biometric reader - 100 templates - Multi-Wiegand
DINFP: ABS single frame for all DIN readers & devices - EU standard
DINFP-UK: ABS single frame for all DIN readers & devices - UK standard
DINFP2H: ABS double frame for all DIN readers & devices - Horizontal
DINFP2V: ABS double frame for all DIN readers & devices - Vertical
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Download DINB100 Data Sheet - EN
  • Download DINB100 Manual - EN
  • Download Last firmware versions of the reader are distributed with software PROS CS
  • Download Last firmware versions of the reader are distributed with software Biomanager CS
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