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EWSI-DR IP Controllers

EWSI-DR IP Controllers

2 Door Access Control Unit

2 Doors network controller with native TCP/IP port, door contacts, exit button inputs and free I/O:

  • Up to 15,000 Users.
  • Up to 30,000 Events per controller, unlimited per system.
    TCP/IP built in.
  • RS-485 communication. 2 buses.
  • Programmable (Bitwise) Wiegand Interface (8 to 128 bit).
  • Anti-pass back, timed anti-pass back and mantrap.
  • Scenarios creation, Muster report, Fire Alarm.

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EWSI-DR IP Controllers



The EWSI-DR 2 door controller offers many options of access control. You can create up to 15,000 users and up to 30,000 events per controller. Connect 2 readers for 2 door application with 1 controller. Provided also with 2 door contacts, 2 Exit inputs, 2 free inputs and 2 free outputs for alarms and peripheral actions.

Distributed intelligence

Distributed intelligence. Native TCP/IP built-in module and RS-485 connection. Unlimited controllers per system. System could be connected just in TCP/IP set-up and/or daisy chained on RS-485 (up to 32 controllers on one bus). Each controller has its own memory chip and completely standalone in case of communication failure.


Programmable (Bitwise) Wiegand Interface (26 to 128bits). Configurable free outputs, free inputs, exit inputs and door sensors. Possibility to connect proximity, keypads or biometric readers to readers inputs.

Anti-passback, Mantrap

Anti-passback, Mantrap, Scenarios, Muster reports.

Easy configuration by PROS CS

EWSI-DR provides all the information requested by the readers. Creation of users via the PROS CS is user-friendly allowing to associate each user to different reader technologies: keypad, proximity and/or biometric readers (integrated finger templates enrolment). Software and firmware updates available for latest versions.

EWS in Lift Mode

The EWSi-DR Controller can be put in Lift Mode for controlling the floor access and permitting the use of elevator only by authorized cardholder. One I/O Board RB0408 enables control of 8 floors. Max. of 4 RB0408 boards can be used per EWSi-DR controller (32 floors). Through the Access levels, the cardholder can be allowed to access certain floors even in certain time zones.


Controller type: Network
Communication: NATIVE TCP/IP + RS-485
Max number of controllers per installation: Unlimited
Max number of doors per system: Unlimited
Number of Wiegand Readers (8 to 128 bits): 2 (1 with APB)
Number of Users: 15000 Max
Number of Events: 30000 Max
Number of Time Zones: 24
Number of Users Groups: Unlimited
Number of Bank Holidays: 32
Internal Memory: Yes, with time and date back-up by Lithium CR2032 battery
Door relays: 2 (2 x 10A)
Programmable Relays: 2 (2 x 10A)
Programmable Inputs: 2 (Opto paired)
Exit Button Input: 2 (1 per door) 
Door Contacts: 2 (1 per door) 
Controller Updates: RS-485 bus or TCP/IP network
Biometric Readers: Biometric readers use  the controllers communication buses (RS-485 or IP)
Lift mode: Yes, with RB0408
Addressing: Every single controller has a unique address
Status LEDs: 14
Power Supply: 12 VDC
Programming and System Management: Free Windows Software PROS CS
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions PCB DIN rail (mm): 157x87
Dimensions DIN rail (mm): 161x91x62
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Download EWSI-DR Data Sheet - EN
  • Download EWSI-DR Manual - EN
  • Download Last firmware versions of the reader are distributed with software PROS CS
  • GO Manuals in other languages