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Infrared Sensitive Button

The MTT-IR request to exit with infra-red technology provides contactless features allowing relay activation by hand waving.

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Contactless solution

The contactless feature reduces usual situations when a user normally needs to be physically in contact with the device therefore greatly helps against the spread of germs on surfaces and protects our health.

Large LED around the sensor for an easy reading of the status

Another key defining feature of the MTT-IR is the multi-colour rectangular status LED. This big LED indicates the infrared button status.
The LED behaviour can be configurable by DIP switch or be potentially free.

Design and Elegance are not anymore an option, it becomes a necessity

This is why our range of tailor-made products offers each access control technology available in the same compact style housings with different materials (depending on the model) or colours available to match different surroundings and different types of buildings, both public and private.

Available in different colors

There are 2 different colours by default: silver and black; with more colours available upon request like charcoal, blue, green, red or white. 

A whole range of options to meet your needs and décor style.


Mounting: Surface
Housing: ABS
Colours: Silver and Black
Resin potted electronic: Yes
Technology: Infrared
Touch plate: Acrylic
Relay output: NO/NC, 24V AC/DC, 1A
Relay time: Pulse and latch mode
Visible signal: Red LED: Stand by
Green LED: relay operation
Externally controlled LED: Red, green and orange
Audible signal: Buzzer
Wiring: Terminal blocks
Voltage: 12-24 V DC; 15-24 V AC
Consumption: <50 mA
Mechanical Characteristics
IP rating: IP65
Dimensions (L x H x W): 51 x 92 x 27 mm
Weight: ~0.15 kg
Operating temperature: -20ºC to 50ºC
Operating humidity: 0-95% non-condensing
MTTS: ABS - Silver
MTTBK: ABS - Black
* All product specifications are subject to change without notice.