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Check out our new WS4 Remote App.

Posted March 14, 2023 Solutions

Check out our new WS4 Remote App.

You no longer have to carry a remote control or keys with you thanks to the WS4 Remote App

Our new WS4 Remote App is now available for door users controlled by our WS4 webserver controller.
Our WS4 system offers the possibility to control your access using code keypads, RFID readers or fingerprint readers, and now also via your own smartphone or smartwatch connected to the internet without the need to open any web browser to activate it.
Your smart device acts like a digital remote control which allows you to open your doors from anywhere.

Door Mode

Door opened: Open the door according to the period set by the WS4 controller.
Keep door opened: You can select the “Keep Open” option to keep the door unlocked until the next command.
Door closed: If you select the “Close” option, the door will remain closed even if the “Keep open” option was previously selected.

Universal digital remote control

In the case of several sites, the user does not need to have several physical remote controls as all the sites are within the WS4 Remote App so your smart device becomes a useful and user-friendly universal digital remote control.

Benefits of using the WS4 Remote app

– It allows you to save time. You will no longer need to search for a physical remote control in your pockets, purse or in your glove box. You just have to reach and click on the App on your smartphone.
– With a classic remote control, you must eventually change the batteries. That’s not needed anymore as the remote control is installed on your smartphone.
– It allows you to open your access from anywhere without having to be within proximity reach of the location. It is ideal when you wish to anticipate entering into a property, a garage or a parking area quickly without having to wait in front of the access to open (e.g.: sliding doors, automation gates, garage doors etc.)

Compatible with different operating systems

The WS4 Remote app is compatible with iOS, Android and MacOS, and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play platforms free of charge.

If you would like more information on the WS4 Remote application and the WEB Server solution, click here.


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