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Welcome to a safer and simpler way of getting access

Posted November 13, 2019 News

Welcome to a safer and simpler way of getting access

All our biometric products have advanced capacitive sensors, offering high security plus a very easy to use system.

The readers take high resolution templates of the minutiae points, which ensures that all the relevant data is encrypted. That means that the system can recognize the real user of each fingerprint template through a matching algorithm, without compromising any personal data.

The matching algorithm compares the biometric data extracted from the captured template at the fingerprint reader, with all the templates previously stored in the database, identifying the right one.

At XPR, we have a very large range of biometric products, as you can see by clicking here.

To make it short, we can talk about two main families: the B100 Range, with Swipe capacitive sensors; and the BIO Range, with Touch capacitive sensors.

Both product lines are available in network, the B100 range is also available in standalone version.

Apart from our XPR controllers which have enrolment process and biometric user management embedded in our software, we would like to emphasise that our online biometric readers are also compatible with third-party controllers, by using our separate enrolment Biomanager software. An SDK for software integration is also available.

To sum up, we offer a whole range of different options to cover all the possible needs of both small and large installations. 


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